Terms & Conditions


When you make a booking with Global Guardians Conservation Fund (US/WE/OUR/THEY/GGCF) and the Customer (I/ME/MY/YOU/YOUR) you agree to the following Booking Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy.

Personal details

  1. I confirm:
  • I am making this booking for myself and not on behalf of anyone else;
  • I have answered all questions myself and all information I have provided is true and correct;
  • I have obtained my own independent, professional advice about passport validity, visa requirements, travel insurance and health issues;
  • I am over the age of 18 years and am within the required age bracket; and
  • I am without any criminal convictions that would make me ineligible for my visa or entry permits.
  1. If I have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that may affect my participation, comfort or safety in this program, I agree to disclose this with Global Guardians Conservation Fund first before booking. If I do not disclose pre-existing medical conditions and/or injuries during the booking process, I will be considered as fit and healthy. If I advise Global Guardians Conservation Fund at a later date about medical conditions, I acknowledge that they are not liable and I accept that cancellation fees may be payable. I must inform Global Guardians Conservation Fund of any change in circumstances that may affect my program.

Nature of Services

  1. I agree to engage the services of Global Guardians Conservation Fund and their nominated travel organiser to help me organize my volunteer program, land travel arrangements and to provide ongoing support services including but not limited to bookings, liaising, advice on travel and volunteering, ongoing support and fundraising for or in my destination country for the purposes of volunteering. Services rendered to me by Global Guardians Conservation Fund will be valid from the date the deposit is paid until the end of my chosen program.
  2. I understand that Global Guardians Conservation Fund is a land only service and does not provide or organise: visas, flights or insurance but are happy to refer you to the appropriate services. I acknowledge I will have to arrange my own flights, passports, visas/permits and travel insurance for my program.
  3. I understand some bookings are subject to approval by the organisation/s I choose to apply with and engaging the services of Global Guardians Conservation Fund does not guarantee acceptance. I will not hold Global Guardians Conservation Fund liable for any losses incurred in the process if my booking is not approved. Global Guardians Conservation Fund will assess my suitability prior to making any bookings or providing any services to ensure I am suitable for the program/s I have chosen.
  4. I acknowledge any advice given to me by Global Guardians Conservation Fund is general in nature and I will clarify any advice or information I am unclear about or get professional advice on those issues or areas outside of Global Guardians Conservation Fund expertise.
  5. Our booking and advisory services come with a guarantee that:
  • they will be provided with due care and skill;
  • they will be reasonably fit for the specified purpose;
  • they can reasonably be expected to achieve the desired result; and
  • they will be provided within a reasonable time.

If we fail to meet any of these guarantees, you have rights under the Australian Consumer Law to receive a full refund of the money you pay to us.


Payment Policy and Cancellations

  1. I acknowledge a non-refundable deposit of 10-20% of the program fee depending on the program is required to receive the full services offered by Global Guardians Conservation Fund and to proceed with the planning/booking of my chosen program. If there is an application process a deposit doesn’t have to be paid until my application is approved. I understand most program providers will require a deposit to secure my position on my chosen program upon approval to join that program.

By submitting this form as part of my booking application, I agree to these Booking Terms & Conditions and understand that the deposit becomes non-refundable if I decide to cancel or not proceed with my booking once a deposit is made and I am accepted into my chosen program unless cancelled by GGCF or the organisation I am joining through no fault of my own (subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law).

  1. Prices are advertised in Euro/USD and due to changes in exchange rates, changing supplier costs and other variables, all prices are subject to change until my program and travel arrangements are paid in full. Global Guardians Conservation Fund will endeavour to provide me with up to date information on my travel and on the program. I understand starting dates, prices and inclusions may change and I may be required to make additional arrangements and payments as a result until paid in full.
  2. If my trip is cancelled by GGCF or my chosen program provider through no fault of my own, GGCF guarantee a full refund of the program cost if no future arrangements can be made.

Where I seek a refund for a booking I cancelled for which payment has been made to the supplier, Global Guardians Conservation Fund will not provide a refund to me until they receive the funds from that supplier

  1. Cancelled bookings may incur supplier fees, which can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking even if the travel or program has not commenced.  Supplier fees may apply where a booking is changed. Where Global Guardians Conservation Fund incurs any liability or cost for any booking which I change or cancel, I agree to indemnify Global Guardians Conservation Fund for the amount of that fee and agree to pay the fee.


  1. Payment methods are included on the application form. These include direct deposits (Euro & Aus accounts only), and money transfer using Wise (www.wise.com). To keep costs low as card fees can unnecessarily increase costs, GGCF only accept payment using credit or debit cards if I cannot pay using a direct deposit or money transfer using Wise.


  1. When using an Australian domestic credit card or debit card, a fee of 1.75% + 30c per transaction will apply. For international credit or debit cards, a fee of 2.90% + 30c per transaction will apply. You authorise us to charge all fees incurred by you in relation to the services provided to the credit card or debit card designated by you. If payment is not received from the card issuer or its agents for any reason, you agree to pay us all amounts due immediately on demand. When using other sources to pay for my chosen program I agree that I am liable for all costs associated with paying or transferring money that way to Global Guardians Conservation Fund.


  1. I understand it is my responsibility to provide Global Guardians Conservation Fund with all relevant documents requested in order to receive the travel and support services associated with my travel and the program. Failure to supply these documents does not release me from my contractual obligations with Global Guardians Conservation Fund.
  2. I acknowledge that my passport must be valid for 6 months from my return date to Australia with at least two blank pages and that some countries require a machine readable passport otherwise I may be denied boarding at the airport or be denied entry into the country. It is important that I ensure that I have valid, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be my sole responsibility.
  3. Please review all your relevant documents carefully and advise us if you need assistance when submitting your booking application or other paperwork prior to departure.

Privacy Policy

  1. Global Guardians Conservation Fund are committed to protecting your personal information and agree to handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available online at www.gguardians.org or on request.  By providing personal information to us, you agree that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy. In particular, you agree that in certain circumstances (such as where you request us to book international travel/experiences for you), we are permitted to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. Such recipients may include the overseas travel service providers (e.g. accommodation or tour providers) with whom you make a booking. These travel service providers will in most cases receive your personal information in the country in which they will provide the services to you or in which their business is based.
  2. Where we disclose your personal information to any person (including any overseas recipients), you agree that we will not be required to ensure that person’s compliance with Australian privacy laws or otherwise be accountable for how they handle your personal information. When used above, “disclose” includes to transfer, share, send, or otherwise make available or accessible to another person or entity.

Insurance/Travel Insurance

  1. In order to volunteer in any of the programs provided by Global Guardians Conservation Fund you must take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements and chosen program. Your insurance protection should include cover for cancellation, medical, hospital and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death and loss of personal baggage and money and personal liability insurance. Evidence of travel insurance needs to be produced to Global Guardians Conservation Fund prior to departure. Insurance cover offered by credit card companies or reciprocal medical cover agreements is not considered to be comprehensive. Travel insurance is strongly recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all overseas travel.  We recommend using Global Rescue for your comprehensive travel protection needs. You can see their product via the link below.


  1. I acknowledge that travel insurance may not cover some aspects of my chosen volunteer program because of exclusion, carefully check the exclusions in your policy. I agree that if covered is excluded, I continue I do so at my own risk

Travel Advice

  1. For Australians we recommend that you contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or visit their website at www.smartraveller.gov.aufor general travel advice, as well as specific advice (including safety alert levels) relating to the destination you wish to visit. You can also register your travel plans with DFAT, so that you may be more easily contacted in an emergency. For anyone outside of Australia we recommend contacting your relevant authority in this matter.


  1. You must ensure that you are aware of any health requirements and recommended precautions relevant to your travel and ensure that you have and carry all necessary vaccination documentation. In some cases, failure to present required vaccination documentation (e.g. proof of Yellow Fever vaccination) may result in denied entry into a country. We recommend that you consult with your local doctor, travel medical service or specialist vaccination clinic before commencing your travel.  General health advice for the destination you wish to visit is also available from DFAT (see smarttraveller.gov.au).


  1. I agree not to hold Global Guardians Conservation Fund liable for any acts of whatever nature, omissions or defaults whether negligent or otherwise of me or any third parties providing services in connection with this agreement except where liability results from the wilful default or misconduct of Global Guardians Conservation Fund.
  2. I agree to indemnify Global Guardians Conservation Fund against all liability resulting from acts or omissions of me with respect to this agreement or any third parties providing services in connection with this agreement howsoever arising and whether within Australia or overseas. Global Guardians Conservation Fund are not liable for any sickness, injury, criminal conduct, hindered travel, death, acts of war or acts of nature that may result in loss or damage to me throughout any stage of my trip or at any stage after my trip to the full extent of the law.
  3. I acknowledge that some of the volunteer programs/experiences offered by Global Guardians Conservation Fund are considered to be dangerous recreational activities because they are physically demanding (e.g. anti-poaching programs) and there is a high risk of medical or psychological conditions developing, injury, sickness or death when participating in these programs. By signing my agreement, to these booking terms & conditions, I agree that I am fit and healthy and I am participating in my chosen program at my own risk and am aware of the risks involved.

I acknowledge I will be operating under the terms set out in this document and those of my chosen volunteer program.


  1. This Agreement is the entire agreement and understanding between myself and Global Guardians Conservation Fund or anything connected with the subject matter of this Agreement and I have entered into this Agreement without relying on any representation whatsoever by Global Guardians Conservation Fund or by any person purporting to represent Global Guardians Conservation Fund.
  2. If any part of this Agreement is held invalid, that part shall be severed from this Agreement and the remainder of this Agreement will continue to be valid and enforceable and termination of this Agreement will not end those provisions that are capable of surviving the ending of this Agreement.
  3. I will ask Global Guardians Conservation Fund before signing this Agreement should I have any questions. Voluntary ignorance will not release me from my contractual obligations under this Agreement.
  4. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Australia and of the States and Territories of Australia in which this booking application is made.
  5. I acknowledge this contract may be executed in any number of counterparts and by the parties on separate counterparts. Each counterpart is deemed to be an original of this contract/agreement and all together constitute one agreement.