Wildlife Conservation Throughout the World

Wildlife Conservation is becoming increasingly important as our ecosystems are subjected to poaching and rapid extinction. Our aim is to help protect some of the world’s most vulnerable animals by using activism and counteractive measures. We use your donations and volunteer work to provide necessary training, funding and equipment to anti-poaching rangers across the globe. Every organisation that we promote and support has been visited by us first-hand for on-ground experience. We take pride in meeting those involved in our conservation efforts so we can better assist these organisations fight cruelty. If these efforts were successful to a global standpoint, our public health and food security would be wildly improved. As humans, we will directly benefit from improving the natural ecosystem we live in by preserving our natural environment. Global Guardians was established to guide you with knowledge and advice for how you can contribute to making an impact.

The Benefits of Wildlife Conservation

We have lost an overwhelming amount of animal species due to the lack of wildlife conservation methods in place internationally. With overpopulation, deforestation and climate change in full effect, preservation methods have never been more imperative. Our team at Global Guardians promote various wildlife conservation methods in an attempt to secure our world’s future. By using donations and hands-on approaches to conservation, we can make a difference to various species and wildlife organisations. With multiple trips to Africa, we’ve seen first-hand exactly how beneficial our programs are to creating real change. Not only have our volunteers grown personally from their experience but have left a lasting mark on the communities they’ve aided. There is still plenty of work to be done, so if you’re interested in volunteering give our team a call. We’ll find a program that not only helps conservation but that you’ll truly enjoy.

What We Do

At Global Guardians, we utilise donation and volunteering programs to facilitate worldwide Wildlife Conservation efforts. We promote unique conservation organisations by providing necessary and easy access to their programs, specialised equipment and funding for their operation. Our team complete vast research on all organisations we support to ensure we’re always making a strong impact. This also allows us to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you based on your background and experience. Our donations and conservation work comes in many forms to generate widespread activism and make our impact effective. Currently, our focus is South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya with efforts branching to Australia, Asia and the Americas in the future. We aim to stop the destruction of wildlife and planet by giving you a way direct method to get involved.

How our conservation work is distributed:

  • Ongoing Support
  • Travel & Volunteering Advice
  • Ranger Placement
  • Anti-Poaching Initiatives
  • Donation Advice and more!
We’re excited to discuss and help you with getting involved in Wildlife Conservation efforts all over the world. Our team will give you the guidance needed to ensure your travel and environment preservation makes a real impact. For more information, call our friendly team today on 0400 769 360!