Welcome to our wildlife donation Australia

Do you desire to see a thriving wildlife? Alternatively, are you looking for the best places to make a wildlife donation Australia?

Sadly, thousands of animals are killed every day due to the illegal wildlife trade, deforestation and human/wildlife conflict. Therefore, exposing specific species to the possibility of extinction, which is bad news for future generations.

Global Guidance Conservation Fund is a trustworthy charity organisation that focuses on supporting reputable wildlife conservation efforts. Our quality reputation in promoting conservancies and training anti-poaching rangers from Australia and worldwide, makes us a recommended organisation.

If you feel the need to give back to nature, it doesn’t matter how small your donation is. We’ll be happy to channel your wildlife donation to the appropriate conservancies that we support.

Why people trust our wildlife donation Australia charity

Most people are reluctant to give wildlife donations in Australia because not every charity organisation is honest about how they distribute the money. But that’s not who we are.

We love nature.

Besides that, our reputation speaks for itself. We have a list of partners around the world who we’ve been able to help. Every wildlife donation Australia given to us goes to:

Caring for animals

Endangered species are always on the poacher’s radar. Therefore, it’s common to find injured animals within a reserve. The wildlife donation Australia you give goes to care for these animals, treating them, and ensuring that they have the right nutrients.


If you want to stop poaching, you have to keep watch. We’ll use the donations to assist in buying equipment for anti-poachers such as firearms and other utilities that they may need to track and monitor these animals.

Maintaining the reserves

These conservancies need money for building habitats for the orphans and maintenance activities such as repairing a broken fence. We also love to support local communities through education and supplying them the food they require.

Global Guidance donation- Securing a future for our wildlife

How much money can you give?

For us, it doesn’t matter. We’ll always appreciate even the small amounts that you give. You don’t have to be an Australian to donate, we accept wildlife donations from individuals and organisations from all over the world.

How often can you give?

Maintaining wildlife is expensive as reserves alone use up to millions in a year. Therefore, we encourage people to make as many wildlife donations in Australia as often as they can. We accept both monthly and one-time donations.

Are there other ways to donate to wildlife?

Having a concern for wildlife is the first start, therefore if providing donations is out of reach, we have a range of ways you can help. You can help us raise awareness of Australia’s wildlife donation to your friends, through social media platforms or via exhibitions.