Your African Conservation Experience

Our African Conservation Experiences are designed to deliver unique volunteering opportunities in the heart of Africa. You’ll get up close and observe a range of African animals as you learn about their rich history. You’ll experience first-hand how they interact and develop relationships with their surroundings and use that knowledge to further our research. With these incredible life-changing experiences, no two days are ever the same and you’ll be involved in various conservation activities. Each African Conservation Experience is unique and our team will collaborate with you to find the best program for you. Running all year round, you’ll never miss an opportunity to give back.

Some of our current programs include:

  • Rhino & Elephant Conservation
  • Hands-on Family Rhino & Elephant Conservation
  • Anti-Poaching Ranger Training
  • Veterinary Volunteer Program
  • Wildlife Volunteering Laikipia County

About Global Guardians African Conservation

At Global Guardians, we give back to wildlife communities through donation collection and African Conservation Experiences. Throughout our years of service, we’ve developed connections with a range of communities located in Africa and beyond. We’ve seen how animals and their environments are affected by negative human influences such as poaching, climate change, and more. With first-hand experience and knowledge of these areas, we’ve focused our efforts on providing them with access to necessary resources. This includes funding, equipment and training programs that allow for anti-poaching and other efforts to be put in place. If you’re interested in a conservation experience but aren’t sure of legitimacy, our programs are thoroughly vetted. We can give you the best advice and guidance when choosing a program that best suits your interests and passions.

Our Partners

To be able to provide our African Conservation Experiences, we’ve partnered with some of the most reputable organisations. These organisations are at the core of our experiences and provide the necessary educational and interactive environments.

These include:

  • Tac Trac: This organisation provides a superlative training platform for both practical and theory-based learning for practical anti-poaching operations. We utilise their training environment to radically enhance the effectiveness of our anti-poaching ranger training program.
  • Global Rescue: We rely on Global Rescue for medical and security-related emergencies that require professional evaluation or response units.
Find the perfect African Conservation Experience for you with our volunteering programs at Global Guardians. These unforgettable experiences will bring you closer to the beautiful flora and fauna of wildlife in their natural habitat. For more information, call us today on 0400 769 360 or submit an online enquiry.