Join the Best Rhino Conservation in Australia

With the Western Black and Northern White Rhinos becoming extinct, it’s critical that we take care of the remaining species even though they face the danger of extinction as well. You can be part of this unique conservation effort by joining a reputable Rhino Conservation in Australia.

Global Guidance Conservation Fund provides volunteers an opportunity to spend time with the rhinos by learning more about them and offering training on how to protect them. Once you contact us, we’ll help you choose the best Rhino Conservancies in Australia and different parts of the world, as well as the best suitable program that will guarantee you a life-changing experience.

Why our Rhino Conservation program stands out

As you search for your next vacation spot, you’ll come across so many Rhino Conservation options within Australia and the world. It can be confusing to choose, especially if you want the experience to be unforgettable.

Our Rhino Conservation efforts from Australia ensures that volunteers get the best out of their training and volunteering sessions. Here’s what you should expect from our programs:

Learn more about Rhinos

The Rhino and Elephant Conservation Australia program exposes you to learning about rhinos, the challenges they go through, and how to protect them from poachers. You will get to experience interacting with nature directly.

Join our anti-poaching unit

If you are fearless and you would like to guard the rhinos, you can join our anti-poaching unit. Our trainers will teach you basic tactics such as tracking poachers and rhinos, legally using weapons such as guns, and guarding the local herds.

Building new relationships

Not only will you interact with rhinos, but we also give you opportunities to build new relationships with other trainees, guards, and locals. Each of our Rhino Conservation Australia programs has volunteers from across the globe making sure you have a lot to learn from each other.

Create Memories with our Rhino Conservation projects

How to get into the program

Once you decide that this is what you would like to do on your next vacation, feel free to reach out to us. We have a simple application process, which only takes you a few minutes to complete. Our customer care team is always available to handle all your queries.

Do you have to join the anti-poaching unit?

If having the responsibility to handle a firearm is not for you, there are different programs available for you to join. For instance, you can help to maintain the reserve, support the local economy, learn more about and interact with the animals, donate to the conservancy, or even raise awareness around our rhino conservation Australia programs.

How long will the volunteering program take?

Each program is different and some don’t have limits on the duration of the program that you’d like to take part in. However, we recommend that you take at least two weeks to fully experience what the program has to offer and to have a lasting impact. See each program for more specific time frames.

If you’d like to support rhino conservancies in Australia in any way, we’d love to help you get the most out of your time and money. Global Guardians Conservation Fund is a call away, get in touch with us now.