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Save a Rhino or Pangolin

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We are currently discussing ways to connect you directly with conservation efforts such as a black rhino breeding program in Zimbabwe, the fight to save the northern white rhino in Kenya, protecting the pangolin or being able to donate directly to a rhino orphange in South Africa.

Support Ranger Operations

General Operations and Snare Removal

“One of our key projects is and has been for a number of years the removal of snares that absolutely litter the land of reserves and farms. Our key man on the ground spends weeks and weeks in the field not only when requested by reserves or farmers who are losing their wildlife at astronomical rates, but also for weeks in his own downtime. He will often take volunteers to assist him, or if we are training students in anti-poaching he will ensure they have to do their ‘time’ in removing snares in the field.

It is long, tiring, dangerous work and can take months of monitoring poachers and their movements before actually being able to make an approach to apprehend. He works very much along with the police (SAPS) and high level organisations such as SANParks – especially around the Addo Elephant Park area. He is likely one of the best man trackers in this country, and unquestionably committed and unrelentingly passionate about his work and catching the poachers. He has many arrests to his name, which of course leads to lengthy court time as well.” – Hilarie Hindmarsh

Donate now to help us continue the effort to protect this planets wildlife. Your donation will go towards but isn’t limited to such things as trail cameras which can dramatically increase the ability to protect large areas with just a small team, snare removal missions, anti-poaching operations, thermal and night imagery equipment, general equipment and clothing. You can follow Geoffrey on Instagram @rangerssurvivalcraft to stay update with his progress

Train an Anti-Poaching Ranger

Help To Train Local Rangers For The Field

Training local rangers on the ground is one of the most effective ways to make a difference when it comes to donating to a cause and helping to protect our wildlife. If you choose to donate to this area your donation will be pooled with other donations until there is enough to fund the training of a brand new anti-poaching ranger or to continue the advanced training of an experienced ranger! Each donor can be updated on what their donation has achieved and updates about the ranger they have sponsored. This is the perfect way to get involved if you can’t actually get involved. Help us, future rangers and our wildlife today.

All of the funds raised by Global Guardians goes directly to the cause you have donated to (minus a small international transfer fee once we hit our targets).

If you would like to follow how your donations are making a difference you can follow Tac Trac on Instagram @rangerssurvivalcraft and Facebook @ Tac Trac Anti-Poaching Academy and Global Guardians Conservation Fund on Instagram @globalgcf.