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We’ve created this community page for those who get involved in conservation through Global Guardians Conservation Fund to share their photos and experiences. We’d love to hear your story and see a photo or two from your adventure. Click here to add your photos and comments/story.

I’ll be adding options to ask questions and leave comments on photos in the near future but in the meantime please bare with us.

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“Once you’ve run to the top of somthing like this and can pause a moment to look across the landscape you are hit with a sense off enormous well being, before realising you have to run back down. Kicked one of my toenails off and the view was still worth it.”


“Being an anti poaching ranger is no walk in the park and it’s important to realise this early on. It’s a serious job for a serious reason and can come with serious consequences. This training was not easy but it’s challenges have taught me so many things and has tested and nourished my capacity of endurance and has shown me that mental strength and determination is the ultimate quality.”


“It’s no secret that we’re in dire need of skilled and motivated Wildlife Protectors. Only you will decide if it’s something for you. The exposure on the courses provides all that you need to make the call. It’s nearly impossible not to be swept up in the possibility of what you may become in this unique, rewarding and noble industry. My only regret is that I had not enrolled sooner.”