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Anti-Poaching Training Course

“Once you’ve run to the top of somthing like this and can pause a moment to look across the landscape you are hit with a sense off enormous well being, before realising you have to run back down. Kicked one of my toenails off and the view was still worth it.”


Completed the Anti-Poaching Training Feb 2020

“Enrolling for these programs is the first step – it reveals an intention to endure and achieve something extra-ordinary.
Next is actually surviving the program – the mental & physical resilience you find within yourself is transformative and yours for keeps.
The final step in the journey is what to do with your new personal development, as well as the survival skills and practical knowledge you will have gained.

“It’s no secret that we’re in dire need of skilled and motivated Wildlife Protectors. Only you will decide if it’s something for you. The exposure on the courses provides all that you need to make the call.
It’s nearly impossible not to be swept up in the possibility of what you may become in this unique, rewarding and noble industry.
My only regret is that I had not enrolled sooner.”

Ms Walton

Completed the Anti-Poaching Training Feb 2020

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