About Us


The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar a year ‘industry’ that is destroying our planet.

Not only that, but poaching, the logging of forests and other environmental crimes fund a variety of illegal activities and criminal networks including terrorist groups.

Poaching of wildlife threatens not only the species involved but whole ecosystems and in some cases the stability of the countries where the money is funding criminal or terrorist networks.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund was started to help combat this threat by promoting a range of conservation efforts, from anti-poaching, training people to protect our wildlife on the front line, to a black rhino breeding program in Zimbabwe.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund was founded by Dustin Thompson after he volunteered as an anti-poaching ranger in Africa in 2015.

His decision to volunteer as an anti-poaching ranger made sense in light of the skills he learned while serving in the Australian Army as a rifleman and the chance to use those skillsets to help protect wildlife.

The first anti-poaching group Dustin volunteered with proved to be a huge eye opener on the industry and the people involved and, while he says it was a rewarding experience, he felt there was much left to be desired from his trainers.

Experiencing the situation on a local and international level he saw the need for more boots on the ground in order to make a bigger difference.

His experience confirmed the need to guide people more carefully if they decide to volunteer in this or other areas of conservation.


In 2017, Dustin visited Africa again to find a more suitable anti-poaching organisation to work with and to visit other projects Global Guardians Conservation Fund would be promoting.

He wanted to see their operations first hand and meet the people involved so he could better assist people wanting to participate in those projects and to ensure the work they are doing is actually making a difference.

At Global Guardians Conservation Fund we are big believers that in order to properly guide someone or promote something you need to experience it first hand

Now, after multiple trips to Africa we are more ready and confident than ever to help protect our planet and wildlife and to help you do your part.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund values honesty, passion, commitment, integrity and fairness and apply that to the way we do business and how we treat you.

We are also very passionate about helping people and believe volunteering offers huge benefits to both parties involved. Not just physical and material benefits but also emotional benefits.

We believe this comes from being in the wild, experiencing new cultures, getting up close and personal with our wildlife and helping preserve this world and what we have left on it and we want to be able to share that with you.


Vision Statement

“At Global Guardians Conservation Fund our vision is to play a key role in stopping the destruction of our planet and wildlife by providing a way for everyone to get involved in critical areas of conservation, whether it be volunteering, sharing your expertise and advice, donating equipment and assets or a simple donation.”

Global Guardians Conservation Fund will initially be focusing on conservation efforts in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya with plans to connect you to other efforts in Africa and around the world, including Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Plans for the Future

Global Guardians Conservation Fund are working towards a donation program (see our donation page) to help with the funding of training rangers, buying equipment and critical resources for conservation efforts. There will be plenty of new ways you can get involved, especially if you aren’t in a position to volunteer, and get more back while helping make the world a better place.

In the near future we want to get involved in critical areas of conservation in Australia which is where we are based. There is plenty of work to do here and would love to make a difference at home.

There are plenty more ideas floating around so ask us how you can get involved and make a difference.