How We Help

At Global Guardians, we’re a conservation Australia organisation that provides ongoing support for ecological preservation worldwide. With serious climate change and poaching taking place across the globe, conservation has never been more important. Our team provide necessary methods of conservation from Australia that aid efforts in Africa, with future plans for Asia, The Americas and Australia. Through donations and volunteer work, we’re able to provide organisations with access to imperative funding, materials and equipment. Since we were established, we have visited each international organisation we support for first-hand experience and reassurance of our impact. We’re proud to say that our donations and volunteer programs have made a lasting difference to their environment and people. Our initiatives are designed to utilise our volunteer’s skills and create lasting impressions in areas that need it most. If you’ve like to get involved, our team will find a program that’s perfect for you.

Why Is Wildlife Conservation Important?

Throughout the years, our ecosystem has lost various animal species to extinction because of human interference. Our methods of conservation from Australia has played a large role in helping save animals and environments worldwide. We provide anti-poaching services, animal and veterinary assistance across areas that have otherwise limited access to these resources. These initiatives help reduce the impact of human/wildlife conflict and poaching in ecosystems across the world. Global Guardians Conservation Australia is the first step to ensuring the bright future of our animals. Our aim is to provide services that address such anthropological issues as poaching, overpopulation, deforestation and climate change. We ourselves have experienced first-hand how these issues affect communities worldwide. With human contributions to ecological conservation, we will directly benefit from preserving the wildlife we have left and increasing public health, awareness and education. If you’d like to help, our team can guide you to a service that best suits you.

How you can help Global Guardians Conservation Australia

If you’re interested in contributing to conservation from Australia, our team will help point you in the right direction. We’ve created a range of volunteering opportunities worldwide that directly address multiple areas of environmental preservation. Our aim is to find a program that suits your knowledge, passions and skillset. This ensures that you leave a lasting impression and also enjoy yourself along the way. Our current programs focus on areas in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and branch to Asia, The Americas and national Australia. Whether you’re interested in animal or environmental areas, we’re guaranteed to have a program that you’ll enjoy. Alternatively, we accept a range of donations to contribute funds to provide materials and equipment. Every donation is appreciated and goes straight to providing resources for respected organisations in our focus areas.

Our wildlife conservation Australia programs are the basis of providing necessary funding and volunteering programs across the world. Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated by both Global Guardians and those of the affected areas. If you’d like to get involved, call our team today on 0400 769 360.