Become the best with our anti-poaching training courses

Poaching is one of the reasons why some animals such as the rhinos are increasingly becoming extinct. According to stats, poachers kill thousands of animals every day for their body parts or to sell into the illegal wildlife trade.

But did you know that you could help to bring all these illegal businesses to a halt?

At Global Guardians Conservation Fund, we are at the forefront of conserving our endangered wildlife by training people to become anti-poaching rangers via our comprehensive anti-poaching training courses. Once you qualify, we’ll help you start with the training of your choice right away.

Why everyone loves our anti-poaching courses

Our organisation boasts of having the best training facilities since we work with trusted partners such as Tac Trac who donate up-to-date weapons, equipment, and help in the training of rangers. We also cluster our anti-poaching training courses into three sections, mainly:

  • Pathfinder Level One
  • Pathfinder Level Two

We can assure you that there’s a lot you’ll learn from our anti-poaching training courses and the wildlife around you. Our experienced trainers ensure that they make the lessons both practical and theoretical, noting that you’ll spend 80% of the time in the field.

Each of our courses helps you:

  • Learn how to track animals and their behaviour
  • Know how to handle the different animals you’ll meet in the wild
  • Handle different firearms and weapons legally and safely
  • Learn about the protocols of arresting poachers
  • Know how to survive in the wilderness
  • Disarm different snares and animal traps

Give back to nature by signing up with one of our anti-poaching courses

How to qualify for our anti-poaching training courses

You’ll need to fill out an application which can be found on the Pathfinder Level One page. Primarily, our programs are open to everyone, regardless of age. We also allow applications from volunteers around the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from; our courses are open for you. On the other hand, prospective anti-poaching rangers need to be fit and healthy to qualify. This is because you’ll go through rigorous physical training throughout the process of any of our anti-poaching training courses.

How long will the training period take?

As soon as you arrive, our trainers will be on standby to start the orientation. Then the training period will start, taking around five weeks.

What you need to know about travelling

Once you choose your preferred conservancy, we’ll advise you on applying for a visa and the things you will need to carry. We also work with Global Rescue in case of any medical and security emergencies.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund will always walk with you from the day you contact us to the last day of volunteering. Feel free to contact us, as our support team is always available whenever you need our assistance