A New Baby is Born!!

Our conservation partner is proud to announce the arrival of a new baby rhino!
“We couldn’t be happier to welcome baby Khanya to Imire, the second baby born to our oldest female black rhino, Kamuchacha – already mum to Tafara, who is now approaching three years old. Khanya is feisty and full of character, keeping us all entertained daily!”

“Firstly, we have some incredible opportunities on Imire at the moment that we very much want to share with as many volunteers as possible. Spending time with our new baby Khanya in our wilderness area is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Volunteers can visit, view and spend time with Khanya under the watchful eyes of our anti-poaching scouts and all from a safe distance.”

A major part of this conservancy is to breed black rhinos and release them into the wild or other safe conservancies but they cater to and have rescued a wide range of animals. The help they provide to the community is something to be admired and the experiences they provide for volunteers are second to none. If you want to do something meaningful and have an adventure at the same time this is the place to go. Contact us if you want to learn more about this amazing conservancy, to check availability and see how you can get involved.

Happy Volunteering!!!!