What We Do

Global Guardians Conservation Fund promotes and supports unique and critical conservation efforts by way of volunteers, funding, equipment and key assets. We visit the organisations we promote in order to get first hand experience and meet the people involved so we can better assist you to join the right conservation effort or to help in your own way depending on your background and experience.

We’ve helped people volunteer on the ground and had offers from organisations wanting to donate trained dogs to K-9 units, make documentaries and ex-defence force personnel wanting to help train anti-poaching rangers just to name a few different ways there are to help.

There is no one way to help or get involved, everyone is different and has something different to offer. So get in touch and see how you can make a difference.

Mission Statement

‘Our mission is to maximise your volunteering experience and impact, to increase volunteer and ranger numbers worldwide, including anti-poaching operations and provide support by way of funding, equipment and key assets to critical areas of conservation in order to protect the wildlife and local communities.’

One of our biggest concerns before we volunteer overseas or donate to a charity is what if it’s not the same as what I’m expecting or my donation (money or otherwise) isn’t going to be used properly! With us, the hard work and research is done for you. We ensure the organisations we work with are ethical and well run conservation efforts while being transparent so you know exactly what to expect. We don’t just match you with a volunteer program or conservation effort and leave it there but provide assistance through the whole process which includes but isn’t limited to:


Ongoing Support

Feel more secure about doing your part for conservation knowing that Global Guardians Conservation Fund will be there to assist you on your journey, from beginning to end. We are only a phone call (or message) away.


Travel & Volunteering Advice

Our aim is to provide you with relevant travel and volunteering advice to make the most out of your trip and to keep you safe on your journey. We are here to answer any questions you may have including what to expect, what to pack, travel methods and security. We want you to feel confident in your decision and to be prepared.


Refund Guarantee

We believe in fairness so if your chosen program is cancelled through no fault of your own you can be assured you will receive a refund or be placed on another program at a different date if agreed upon. For full details see our terms and conditions.


Anti-Poaching Options

Making a difference on the front line of conservation is one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences you can have. Be trained as an anti-poaching ranger and work with conservancies to protect our wildlife. The owner has first hand experience as an anti-poaching ranger so we are well equipped to help in this area.


Book From Anywhere

We handle the booking process for the organisations we promote. We’re here to answer your questions and help with your paperwork and application process if required, depending on the volunteer program you choose.

Book from any country. We help people from all over the world get involved in conservation.


Donation Advice and Assistance

Deciding where to donate your hard earned money or how you as a person can help out can be a hard decision to make. That’s where we come in, using our connections and experience in conservation you can be assured your donation is being put to good use.